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Hours & Location

33 Peck Slip,
NY, NY 10038


Monday - Friday
7am – 11am

Monday - Friday
11:30am – 5pm

Sunday - Thursday
5pm – 10pm

Friday - Saturday
5pm – 11pm

Saturday - Sunday
7am - 4pm

Dive into the vibrant pulse of Seoul's street food scene at Restaurant Pearl [Jinju]. Our menu celebrates iconic dishes, masterfully crafted with a blend of tradition and innovation. Each bite resonates with familiarity, yet surprises with a modern twist, ensuring even the most cautious palate embarks on a culinary adventure. From sizzling hot stone grills and comforting Bibimbap to our weekend brunch classics, every dish is an invitation to rediscover the richness of Korean flavors. Set in an ambiance infused with warmth and playful artistry, every meal with us is not just dining—it's an experience to remember.

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